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Our company “AZGERSU” LLC  Registered by the Department of State Registration of Commercial Legal Entities of the Tax Department of Baku city in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan on 01.04.2013.
These services are provided by our Company Charter and our Company engaged in various types of commercial activities not prohibited by the existing legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan. However, the main focus of our activities is to provide industrial facilities for the treatment of toxic substances generated by the treatment and production process of industrial wastewater contaminated with oil products and various harmful (toxic) chemicals. Issued by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the use of toxic industrial waste licenses (Last License No. EL-560/2018 dated December 25, 2018). - (Addition № 1) performs.

Examples of such services performed by us are the services provided under Contract No. C-08-AOC-158133 signed with the Azerbaijan International Operating Company (AOC). Under this Contract, we have provided services for the treatment and disposal of up to hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of surface water during our operation. At present, our company has a daily cleaning capacity of up to 1300 m3 to carry out these specialized works, to meet all current standards and specifications for the treatment of all possible toxic and chemical pollutants (including oil products). There is a special production area equipped with the equipment. In addition, we have the ability to employ highly qualified and knowledgeable personnel and all the necessary technical tools and materials (chemical reagents) to successfully fulfill our mission. You can see a brief description of the technological processes involved in the treatment of wastewater in this area.(Addition № 2).

In addition, our company has the ability to provide various engineering and technical services to various industries.

So that:

- Designing of various production areas (lines, shops, factories, etc.);

- Development of technical specifications (TŞ), engineering design documentation (engineering and technical projects);

- Selection and delivery of modern (innovative) equipment (installations, machines and mechanisms) on the basis of complete (or partially) ready technical projects, their installation in place of orders, training of local staff, etc .;

- Solution of engineering-technical problems (problems) of industrial enterprises;

- Automation of production processes, software services;

Given our existing production facilities, we offer our facilities to each individual business interested in the treatment of industrial wastewater and other services mentioned above based on the principles of mutual benefit and cooperation;

“As a “AZGERSU” LLC, we guarantee the quality and timeliness of all the work you will rely on in the future.

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